Colorado State Patrol

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

Some time ago I felt like I needed to take a break from helicopters and do something different just for me.  I started an illustration of a Colorado State Patrol Harley-Davidson ELectra Glide Motorcycle because of personal interest in police motorcycles.  It took me two full days to lay out the motorcycle in pencil and is taking forever to ink.  Like my helicopters, the entire motorcycle is being done with pen and ink in pointillism (stipling) but with a size 1 (.50) Rapidograph pen.  Areas of silver paint and chrome I am stepping down to a pen size of 0 (.35).  I am guessing by the time it is complete I will have at least 200 hours invested into it with the finished artwork being 4 times the detail of my helicopter prints.  Being that I work full time for an engineering firm and have a family, the time left over to devote to drawing is somewhat limited as you can see by the slow progression below.  Stop by periodically and you might catch the Harley in a different stage of progression.


4-17-04     39 Hours invested 


1-1-05     50 Hours invested

2-13-05     66 Hours invested


2-28-05     73 Hours invested

3-25-05     85 Hours invested

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Edition size:  Most Likely 1000                        Original Artwork Price:  undetermined

Estimated release date:  2005                                       Estimated Print size: 18"x24"

Size of original artwork: 18" x 24"                        Estimated print cost: undetermined



A very grateful "Thank you" to Colorado State Trooper Eric Perry and to Misty Oelhafen of Harley Davidson for their part in helping me obtain quality imagery to work from.


CSP Trooper Eric Perry with his Harley-Davidson Electra Glide at Andrews Lake on Molas Pass.



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